Food labels and Food labelling

As a leading supplier of Australian food safety solutions, Fildes Food Safety provides a widespread range of food labelling products, enabling commercial kitchens to readily meet food safety standards under the HACCP Food Management Programs

A good rule of thumb in the kitchen is "First In, First Out." This generally means that the first food items to be received and stored upon delivery should be the first food items used in cooking, in order to prevent them from expiring. Food safety begins with the clear and correct labelling of food to help staff identify which food should be used first in order to minimize wastage, avoid illness, and circumvent the serving of degraded or contaminated food. The existence of allergen, intolerance, dietary, and special requirements of the public make appropriate food safety labelling critical to protecting your customers and brand.

One of the lesser known aspects of food labels and food label stickers are their adhesive properties. Food labels and food label stickers can come in four different adhesive types; removable, durable, permanent, and dissolvable.

Removable Labels – Widely used in professional kitchens, they are easy to apply and remove. They are commonly used to label shelf­-life, freezing and defrosting details, the potential and known presence of specific allergens, dietary requirements, and more.

Permanent Labels - Used commonly to advise on the same factors as Removable Labels and label stickers, as well as stock delivered, and kitchen containers that have a long-­term purpose. They have an aggressive adhesive to prevent removal.

Durable Food Labels - Best suited for reusable containers that will be placed in the freezer. Although they are waterproof, durable food labels and food label stickers can be easily removed after washing.

Dissolvable Labels ­- Biodegradable and break down when immersed in water. They save time, ensure cleanliness, provide accurate information, and offer complete removal.

In each case, no matter what type of label is used and where, it is important that they don’t degrade or soil the food in any way.

Our range of food labelling products are simple to use, hygienic, and promote efficiency in your kitchen. Download our Food Safety Guide for more information.

Types of Food Labelling Products

Food Advisory Labels

Essential to protecting public health, these food safety labels clarify the ingredients that may be found in various foods, of which people may be allergic to or do not eat for personal or religious reasons which should be respected.

Day & Month Dots

Indicating a given day or month in which the food was placed in storage, these labels are colour­coded for easy identification. Day Dots are useful for food stored in the short term, whereas Month Dots are suitable for dry or frozen foods, which can be stored for longer.

Shelf Life Labels

To be filled out by staff who understand how long food should be stored, these food safety labels can also be used in combination with training that promotes optimal food safety handling proce

Prep & Product Labels

Especially helpful in professional kitchens producing a high number of frozen foods or frozen food products, these food safety labels contain information such as the product name, date of production, who produced it, date it was frozen, and the date it was defrosted or opened.

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