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Fildes Food Safety has been operating from Sandringham Victoria since 1996. Today, Fildes Food Safety remains entirely Australian owned and operated. It is part of the Fildes Group of companies with origins in the late 1930’s.

Fildes has built a fine reputation as a printer and manufacturer of quality self-adhesive labels.

Fildes Food Safety was once known as Daydots. The name was changed to reflect the broader range of food safety products we could source and supply. Fildes Food Safety is the Australian market leader stocking a wide variety of food safety labels and products.

Fildes Food Safety offer a variety of labels and products to assist with meeting food safety protocols. Implementing our labelling systems will ensure that the highest levels of food safety are maintained in receiving, storage, preparation, and service of food.

Our temperature control and monitoring solutions will assist with regular disciplined temperature measuring at every stage of the cooking, cooling, holding and re-heating process; a fundamental in food safety. Best practice at all stages of the food handling process will ensure that you are serving the freshest and safest food.

Through our global partners and affiliates, we have access to the latest innovations in food safety products. We are dedicated to sourcing the most innovative products to add to our range, with your food safety needs at the forefront of our search.

Our customer service team is fully trained in all aspects of food safety and are available for support.

Thank you for making food safety a priority in your business and for your support of Fildes Food Safety.

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