Custom Labels

Fildes Food Safety delivers high quality, high impact full colour labels for many applications including marketing, retail and stock control. We can also create variations of our stock range of labels to suit your specific purposes; this might include necessary and promotional information, your logo and contact details.

Labels are a critical form of packaging and perform a variety of tasks within the food service industry, retail and the supply chain. A niche and rather technical product, we use the valuable knowledge gained from many years within the industry to develop custom solutions specifically for our clients.

Our custom labels can be supplied in a range of different adhesive types to ensure they meet and requirements of your kitchen.

Removable Labels

Widely used in professional kitches, they are easy to apply and remove. They are commonly used to label shelf life, freezing and defrosting details, the potential and known presence of specific allergens, dietary requirements, and more.

Permanent Labels

Used commonly to advise on the same factors as removable Labels, as well as stock delivered, and kitchen containers that have a long term purpose. THey have an aggressive adhesive to prevent removal.

Durable Labels

Best suited for reusable containers that will be placed in the freezer. Although they are waterproof, they can be easily removed after washing.

Dissolvable Labels

Biodegradable and break down when immersed in water. They save time, ensure cleanliness, provide accurate information, and offer complete removal.

Many of our customers look for their own unique label, featuring their logo and/or other information that is specific to their operations - and we're more than happy to deliver an easy solution.

Fildes Food Safety manufactures all labels in-house, with a friendly customer service team to help with any queries you may have regarding custom labels. Our experienced production team is dedicated to designing and printing food safety labels to suit all your kitchen needs. We offer a full range of services to produce your custom labels including:

Professional Graphic Services

Our graphics team works with you and/or your designer to prepare your artwork for printing and providing expert advice on how to get the best final result for your custom labels. We are committed to working with you during the process and providing support every step of the way.

Flexographic Printing Expertise

With years of in-house flexographic printing experience, our dedicated and experienced team of plate makers, printers and rewind specialists ensure that your labelling requirements are executed with superior technical expertise and quality assurance.

Examples of Custom Labels

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