Catering Industry

Catering Industry

The fast-paced, diverse nature of operating a food business within the catering industry requires specialised practices to ensure that patrons can enjoy their meals safely at various locations outside of the typical restaurant environment.

There are various types of catering, each with unique challenges.

  1. Concession catering: Refers to the provision of food at events such as sporting games or concerts. Common examples of concession catering include the provision of fast finger-food or outdoor BBQs.
  2. Social catering: Caterers often are required to provide food at events such as birthdays, weddings, or engagements. More formal food may be required for these events, such as a multiple course meal or buffet style meals.
  3. Corporate catering: Similar social catering, corporate catering refers to the delivery of food to business functions such as conventions, conferences, or networking events. Food provided at these locations can range from breakfast to pre-packaged snacks.

Caterers must take into consideration the logistics of providing food to crowds at these events, including navigating various on-site kitchens or organising safe transportation of food to the location.

Fildes Food Safety is Australia's top provider of food safety solutions for the catering industry. The company offers a broad range of food safety products and resources designed to increase safety and efficiency at catering events, from effective sanitisation products to food labelling and food storage equipment:

  • Temperature control tools such as thermometers and data loggers to ensure food does not enter the temperature danger zone.
  • Food storage solutions designed to maintain safe food temperatures for long periods of time as food is transported between locations.
  • PPE including hair nets and disposable gloves to prevent the spread of potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Effective sanitisation supplies to kill bacteria quickly.