Commercial Kitchen Supplies

Fildes Food Safety is Australia’s leading supplier of high-quality food safety products and commercial kitchen supplies for the hospitality, healthcare, and education industries.

Choose from a variety of products designed to help improve efficiency and safety in commercial kitchens by enhancing processes and operations. Our business is constantly updating our product range with the latest innovations and resources. We believe that an investment in high-quality commercial kitchen supplies can save kitchens money in the long term by reducing wastage, labour, and energy costs.

Labelling and Rotation

Fildes Food Safety has a vast selection of food labels that can be used as part of your food safety plan. Day of the week, best before, and use by labels, as well as dietary and allergen alert labels, are all available with dissolvable or normal adhesives.

Preventing Cross Contamination

Cross-contamination is a severe concern to any food business, and it's a common source of food poisoning. Fildes Food Safety offers a variety of cross-contamination prevention products, including color-coded boards and utensils.

Food Storage Solutions

Food waste and cross contamination can be reduced by properly separating and storing food. Fildes Food Safety offers food storage containers and wrapping solutions for use in industrial kitchens.

Temperature Control & Monitoring

Food safety begins with monitoring and managing the temperature of the food. Chefs and restaurant managers can easily and quickly keep track of temperatures using Fildes Food Safety's line of food thermometers.

Download the latest product catalogue to view Fildes Food Safety’s complete range of commercial kitchen supplies and products.