Education Providers

Education Providers

Creating a safe environment for students is the number one priority for any education provider. Preparing and serving of hundreds of meals each day calls for vigilance when it comes to food safety, whilst high-traffic areas such as classrooms and dining halls require regular sanitisation to prevent the spread of infection for students who may be particularly vulnerable. The implementation of effective and sustainable safety processes is essential in supporting the health of students.

As Australia’s leading provider of commercial kitchen supplies, Fildes Food Safety stocks a range of food safety products and resources designed specifically to meet the needs of education providers. From food labels and storage solutions to PPE and sanitisation products, Fildes Food Safety supplies a range of products and resources designed to keep students safe including:

  • Food storage solutions to cover food and maintain safe temperatures
  • Food labels such as IDDSI labels and allergen-specific food labels to protect vulnerable students from anaphylaxis and dysphagia
  • PPE including face masks and disposable gloves as well as a body thermometer to protect students from the spread of infection
  • Sanitisation sprays and wipes to disinfect high-traffic areas
  • Commercial kitchen supplies designed specifically to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Education posters to help all staff remain compliant with safety processes