Cafe & Restaurants


The fast-paced, high-pressure nature of kitchens operating in the café and restaurant industry calls for commercial kitchen equipment and supplies that enable chefs and managers to implement sustainable and efficient food safety processes. 

 Work with Australia's leading supplier of food safety solutions. Fildes Food Safety allows cafes and restaurants to streamline their processes and purchase all food safety products and commercial kitchen supplies from one convenient vendor. 

From food labels and storage solutions to chopping boards, fridge thermometers and other commercial kitchen equipment, Fildes Food Safety stocks products designed to improve food safety and reduce waste. 

Fildes Food Safety is trusted by chefs and restaurant managers across the hospitality industry as a leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment designed specifically to build efficient, sustainable and safe kitchen processes within the café and restaurant industry. 

  • Manage inventory more effectively and reduce kitchen costs
  • Maximise kitchen productivity with all of the essential resources
  • Create processes, serve the freshest food and reduce waste with food safety labels and food safety posters
  • Great customer service from a reliable food safety solutions provider
  • One convenient supplier with fast, free delivery over $50
  • Protect patrons with high-quality products designed to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses