Our comprehensive range of food labelling, temperature control and monitoring, food storage, cross contamination and employee safety solutions enable commercial kitchens in many industries to effortlessly meet their requirements under HACCP food management programs.

With a focused commitment to quality, customer service and innovation; Fildes Food Safety has built an enviable reputation for reliability and is the preferred supplier of many well-known independent pubs and restaurants, hotels, fast food establishments, healthcare facilities and care homes.

Hotels, Restaurant, Bars and Cafes

Food safety is imperative for ensuring the health of customers and staff, as well as maximizing the longevity of your fresh foods. Even small food handlers, such as individual restaurants, bars and cafes should have food safety management procedures based on the principles of HACCP, but adapted to the size of their business and the complexity of their food preparation processes. Nothing can ruin a restaurant or cafe’s reputation faster than negative sanitation and food safety reviews.

Fildes Food Safety offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions that supports your food safety management program and protects your reputation by:

  • Managing food labelling and First In First Out (FIFO) food rotation systems
  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Accurately controlling and monitoring temperatures
  • Managing allergy awareness
  • Ensuring clean and sanitized surfaces including serving utensils, food storage containers and countertops
  • Promoting staff hygiene, training and safety

Whether you need a reliable supplier for food labels, temperature devices or food holding solutions, talk to us about your requirements or you can download our catalogue here.

Healthcare & Aged Care

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)’s Standard 3.3.1 is part of the national food safety standards and covers the responsibilities borne by food businesses to ensure safety in the food they prepare for the most vulnerable members of our society, including older persons and people who have weakened immune systems due to illness.

The standard defines a vulnerable person as being someone who receives care in a facility listed in the standard, or a person who receives food through a meal delivery program, according to the Food Standards Code

Examples of facilities that must comply with the standard include:

  • Aged care facilities (nursing homes, low care aged care facilities, respite care and same day aged care facilities)
  • Hospital facilities (renal dialysis, chemotherapy, acute care, hospice and psychiatric)

Fildes Food Safety understands the requirements of organisations charged with providing food on a regular basis to the elderly or immunocompromised persons receiving care. Food poisoning in this vulnerable demographic can result in serious consequences such as dehydration, illness and death. They also require more time to recover from a bout of food poisoning when compared to younger and healthier members of the population.

Making sure you are doing everything possible to keep your residents and patients from food borne illnesses is of critical importance. To this end, Fildes Food Safety provides a full range of products and solutions to promote proper training and food safety methods across food storage, preparation and service.


Similar to Healthcare and Aged Care establishments, child care facilities are subject to FSANZ’s Standard 3.3.1 - Food Safety Programs for Food Service to Vulnerable Persons. The facilities listed in the standard include long day care, occasional care and employer-sponsored child care for children up to 4 years of age where the facility is not a private residential dwelling. Young children are particularly vulnerable to food poisoning, and food staff at childcare centres must take extra care when preparing and cooking certain foods for young children to prevent the risk of food poisoning.

Good food safety and hygiene in child care centre food catering is the best prevention of diseases and illness, and Fildes Food Safety can assist with obligations under food safety plans that include food handling and storage, allergen awareness, staff hygiene, workplace safety and instruction, thermometer calibration and cleaning.