Colour Coded Chopping Boards & Accessories

Anyone working in commercial kitchens, either in the restaurant industry or in food and beverage manufacturing, will be aware that cross-contamination is one of the key food safety risks which needs to be reliably managed by utilising tools and processes which will protect public safety and prevent foodborne illnesses.

As always, the enemies of maintaining a high level of food safety are the bacteria and viruses present in many types of food products. The surfaces of raw foods such as seafood, poultry, meat and even raw vegetables can harbour all kinds of bacteria. The bacteria on the surface of the food itself is effectively dealt with and killed off after responsible and safety-conscious cooking.

The danger remains, however, in the form of bacteria which has been transferred to chopping boards and other implements during food preparation. Cross-contamination can then occur when the same boards and utensils are used for other tasks such as preparation of ‘ready to eat’ foods including salads, rice and pre-cooked ingredients which pick up the lingering bacteria but will not be cooked before serving. Keeping designated chopping boards and utensils for preparation of different types of food, and maintaining that system continuously, is the main weapon in the fight against cross-contamination.

The most reliable method of ensuring boards are used only for their designated purpose and do not come into contact with other food groups is a system of colour coded chopping boards. Our range of colour coded chopping boards offers a variety of four sizes and the six colours available are designed to allow for each coloured board to be used exclusively for fruit and vegetables, raw seafood, dairy, raw meat, raw poultry, and cooked/ready to eat food. Made from polyethylene, our colour coded chopping boards are less porous than wood alternatives, and are suitable for dishwashers, both of which provide additional protection against lingering bacteria.

To further reduce the risk of cross-contamination between chopping boards and other implements, Fildes Food Safety also produce a range of colour coded chopping board brushes which are suitable for use at the high temperatures necessary for disinfection and complement the colour coded board system.

The colour coding system makes best-practice safety procedures around cross contamination easy for staff to follow consistently while also working quickly and efficiently, especially with the additional help of our quick reference colour coded chopping board poster.

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