Food Storage Containers

Sourcing appropriate food storage solutions is vital in establishing and maintaining a best practice food safety culture in any professional kitchen or food manufacturing operation. Commercial food storage containers are an important part of an overall food storage policy which will reduce waste, improve efficiency and, most importantly, contribute to guarding customer safety. High quality, well designed commercial food storage containers from trusted suppliers like Fildes Food Safety are relied upon by people across the catering industries to protect food against dust, insects and other contaminants, as well reducing the risk of cross-contamination issues during storage.

The range of commercial food storage containers available from Fildes includes:

Colour Coded Pan Covers which are manufactured using high-quality food grade plastic. The elasticated closure is designed to provide a close-fitting seal around the pan and protect the contents from contaminants, whilst also allowing for easy, convenient access when needed. The transparent design allows for users to quickly identify the contents without opening and therefore avoid any unnecessary contact with the air. As well as totally clear pan covers, a range of other transparent coloured pan covers are available.

Ingredient Tubs eliminate the uncertainty involved when using supplier boxes for food storage. Without being able to confirm the conditions supplier boxes have been kept under, contamination remains a risk. Repacking in food safe ingredient tubs offers peace of mind.

Shelf top ingredient bins offer speed and convenience in commercial food storage containers during a busy service, combining food safety principles with the demands of a fast-paced working environment. The patented design means that even where multiple bins are stacked on top of each other, the cover can still be easily opened with one hand. The cover is also transparent which facilitates the quick and convenient identification of ingredients for both food preparation and inventory tasks without the need to expose the contents to the air.

Fold Top Day of the Week Portion Bags are another commercial food storage option designed with both high standards of food safety and the demands of the busy kitchen environment in mind. The clear bags provide for convenient and accurate portioning out of food in advance to save time during service and cut down on waste. The colour coded design to represent each day of the week also makes it effortless for staff to follow appropriate ‘first in, first out’ procedures to avoid allowing food to pass its safe shelf life.

Ingredient Bins - Shelftop
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