Fildes Food Safety, formerly known as DayDots, is Australia’s leading supplier of high-quality food safety products, resources and commercial kitchen supplies. Fildes Food Safety supplies a wide range of food labels, commercial kitchen supplies and personal protective equipment to the hospitality, healthcare and education industries. As an established innovator in the food safety industry, Fildes Food Safety offers a range of food safety resources to ensure vital food safety standards can be met in commercial kitchens across Australia.

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Spotlight on Salmonella
Ensure the efficacy of your food thermometer to maximise food safety
Manage your commercial kitchen effectively with these top tips
We understand the importance of building and maintaining a strong food safety culture within organisations. Our products are specifically designed to help your business drive best practice in your food safety procedures, ensuring you deliver high quality and consistent standards to your customers. Our wide range of practical solutions cover food safety labels, food label stickers, temperature control, food holding solutions, cleaning and sanitisation, workplace safety, all with health and safety in mind. Every product or solution we offer assists your business to implement a sustainable food safety solution and help you prevent injury to your staff and food borne illnesses from your customers.
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