The Importance of personal protective clothing and equipment in the food industry

Providing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff is vital to reduce the risk of accident or injury. Commercial kitchens are high energy environments with many different hazards that need to be considered. Risks in the kitchen and the hospitality industry, in general, can include blunt impacts, electrical hazards and burns by heat or chemicals, to name just a few.

There is a vast choice of practical and hygienic uniforms available from Fildes Food Safety that are breathable and designed to ease movement in busy commercial kitchens.

Protective clothing in the kitchen
There's a reason they say, "if it's too hot, get out of the kitchen" it's because busy commercial kitchens can be a dangerous place to work if staff are not adequately protected. Without the correct protective clothing and equipment such as safety boots,  PVC or poly aprons, protective gloves and hairnets, everything from hot ovens, sharp knives and heavy pots can be dangerous to even the most experienced chefs and kitchen staff.

How to clean protective clothing
Impeccable cleanliness and hygiene are essential to the success of any business responsible for serving food. This also applies to protective clothing and equipment, and well-maintained workwear will protect more efficiently and last longer before needing to be replaced.

Some tips to keep protective uniforms clean are always wiping down any waterproof clothing or boots with antibacterial wipes and only washing clothes at a high temperature with biological detergents to break down any food waste. Don't ever wash food preparation protective clothing with cleaning protective clothing to avoid cross-contamination.

Purchasing PPE for the hospitality industry
When purchasing essential PPE for different tasks, there are many factors you will need to consider:

  • What tasks will be performed, and what are the potential incidents? For example, does it protect against splashing, hot surfaces, and harmful chemicals?
  • Does it adequately protect the wearer against the conditions?
  • Does it regularly need to be replaced, and is it a single-use item?
  • Is there frequent maintenance, and does the wearer know how to maintain products correctly?
  • Does the item fit properly, and does the wearer feel comfortable and protected?

 Fildes Food Safety offers an extensive range of protective clothing and equipment to keep staff protected and comfortable. Browse the website to discover more.



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