Food safety plays a prominent role in preserving the health of patients in healthcare facilities. More vulnerable members of the public may be at higher risk of dysphagia and are often also particularly susceptible to the health risks associated with foodborne illnesses or anaphylaxis.

 Fildes Food Safety is Australia’s leading supplier of food safety solutions for the healthcare industry with a range of product lines designed specifically to address the needs of those serving large numbers of vulnerable patients.

 From effective sanitisation products to food labels and protection equipment, Fildes Food Safety provides a comprehensive range of products designed to promote safety and efficiency in healthcare facilities:

  • Commercial kitchen supplies designed to meet the needs of healthcare facilities

  • Food labels including IDDSI labels to reduce the risk of dysphagia in patients

  • Food storage solutions designed to maintain safe food temperatures for long periods of time as food is distributed to patients

  • PPE including masks and disposable gloves to prevent the spread of potentially harmful microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria

  • Effective sanitisation supplies to kill bacteria and viruses quickly