Commercial Kitchen Equipment And Supplies

Fildes Food Safety supplies a wide range of commercial kitchen supplies designed to enable kitchen managers, chefs and food business owners to implement efficient and sustainable food safety practices. Offering a range of food safety labels, food storage solutions, temperature control & monitoring equipment as well as cleaning and sanitation products for commercial kitchen equipment, Fildes Food Safety provides high-quality food safety solutions to meet the needs of customers across a range of industries.

The Fildes Food Safety range of food labels is designed to help kitchen managers, chefs and staff maintain food safety processes and remain compliant with industry regulations.

Food Labels

Food safety labels and food label stickers are a key commercial kitchen product when managing stock and protecting members of the public from anaphylaxis and dysphagia. Fildes Food Safety supply a wide range of food safety labels including:

Preventing Cross-Contamination

Commercial kitchen equipment designed to prevent cross-contamination is also key in maintaining the safety of any food that is prepared or served. Fildes Food Safety offers a range of commercial kitchen equipment and supplies designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and allergens as food is prepared such as:

Healthcare Range

Designed specifically to address the needs of the Healthcare industry, Fildes Food Safety offers a range of insulated commercial kitchen supplies to keep food covered and maintain safe temperatures as food is served to large numbers of patients. The insulated food storage solutions available from Fildes Food Safety include:

Food Holding Solutions

Food holding solutions are an essential commercial kitchen supply. Fildes Food Safety supplies a range of products designed to store food safely, maintain temperatures and prevent cross-contamination including:

  • Ingredient bins and tubs to monitor inventory
  • Pan covers to make food easily identifiable throughout the preparation process to prevent cross-contamination

Food thermometers, temperature monitoring and control

Taking measures to monitor the temperature of food is vital to ensure that food is kept outside of the food temperature danger zone. Fildes Food Safety stocks a range of temperature monitoring and control equipment including:

Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleaning and Sanitation products are vital in reducing the risk of contamination or infection from any lingering microorganisms that could be potentially harmful. As an essential commercial kitchen supply, Fildes Food Safety offers a range of cleaning and sanitation products designed to kill bacteria and germs fast including:

Food Safety Posters and Workplace Safety & Education Products

The Fildes Food Safety range of Workplace Safety & Education products includes a range of food safety posters, emergency response products and first aid kits to ensure that safety protocols are followed in the event of an emergency. The Workplace Safety & Education range includes:

  • Food safety posters covering topics such as allergens, colour-coding and correct cooking temperatures
  • First aid kits to deliver aid correctly in the event of an emergency
  • Blue bandages to draw attention to lost bandages in food to prevent contamination