LogTag - Ambient Temperature Logger (Multi Use)

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Product Description:
  • The Logtag temperature logger is ideal for applications where a visual notification of a problem is required. Its push button start also makes it handy for remote starts.
  • Great for monitoring temperature sensitive products in both short haul and long-distance transportation applications
  • Cold chain applications
  • Refrigeration and transportation temperature monitoring
  • Delayed start function
  • Sampling interval
  • Number of readings
  • Continuous or fixed number of readings
  • Configuration of conditions to activate the ALERT indicator
  • To configure this LogTag and read the results you need to order a reader (cradle) #45020 and analyser software (free of charge) #45010.
LogTag - Analyser Software
LogTag - Analyser Software
LogTag - USB Interface Cradle
LogTag - USB Interface Cradle
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