Smart San Hand Sanitiser Refill - 1.2 Litre Bottle

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Product Description:
The moment you try Smart-San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser you will feel the difference. It is an ethanol based spray that kills 99.99% of germs in seconds. The atomised liquid provides complete coverage and saturation of the high risk areas of the hands such as the nails and cuticles.
Smart-San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser is changing the way in which food handling is practiced, it has been tested food grade safe and does not need to be rinsed before handling of food products, it is suitable for use in export meat facilities. Formulated with GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) rated ingredients. It has no fragrance or sticky residue. The formula contains natural vegetable glycerine that softens and improves skin condition.


  • Sanitiser is alcohol based with moisturiser
  • Adjustable spray rate
  • Approximately 1500 dispenses per 1.2 litre bottle
  • Meets Australian & International standards
  • AQIS (Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service) Certified
  • To be used in conjunction with Sanishot Sanitiser Dispenser #64200
Hand Sanitising Station Poster
Hand Sanitising Station Poster
Smart-San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
Smart-San Instant Mist Hand Sanitiser Dispenser
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