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Product Description:
    •  A dedicated green Soap-Pail should be used for cleaning solutions
    •  ‘Soap Solution’ and ‘Do Not Use For Food’ is printed on the bucket to ensure it is only used for cleaning products
    •  for sanitizing solution.  Available in four different sizes for front and back of the house applications.® for cleaning solutions and red.
    •  Kleen–Pails® meets HACCP guidelines as dedicated-use, labeled containers for cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Color-coding helps minimize any potential confusion between cleaning and sanitizing solution containers and meets HACCP guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing cloths.  Use green Kleen–Pails®Kleen–Pail

Kleen Pail Caddy and Spray Bottle
Kleen Pail Caddy and Spray Bottle
Soap Pail
Soap Pail
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