Deliver meals safely and efficiently with these insulated food storage solutions

Those operating in the healthcare industry are familiar with the challenges associated with preparing and serving meals to large numbers of patients in a way that is both safe and compliant with industry regulations. The individuals staying in hospitals, aged care and healthcare facilities are often far more susceptible to the risks associated with foodborne illnesses, anaphylaxis and dysphagia, and often have individual food requirements to protect them from harm. Alongside a range of commercial kitchen supplies, Fildes Food Safety stocks a line of insulated and covered food storage solutions designed specifically for use in the healthcare industry.

When distributing meals to large numbers of patients, it is important to ensure that food is not contaminated during the serving process. With mounting global health concerns, it pays to be increasingly vigilant with covering food to prevent contamination from potentially harmful microorganisms. Each insulated food storage solution in the healthcare food delivery range from Fildes Food Safety can be ordered with a corresponding airtight lid to prevent contamination from airborne microorganisms or respiratory secretions emitted by the individual delivering the meal.

Healthcare providers should also take precautions to ensure that food does not fall into the food temperature danger zone when serving large numbers of patients over a long period of time. The food temperature danger zone is where bacteria are likely to grow the most rapidly and result in food-borne illnesses which are particularly dangerous to vulnerable patients. Food should, therefore, be stored either below 5°C or above 60°C to reduce the risk of food poisoning. Healthcare facilities can use insulated food storage solutions to ensure that food is kept at a safe temperature prior to being served to vulnerable patients. Designed to keep food hot or cold, insulated mugs, bowls, plates and jugs can be utilised for easy and safe meal delivery.

Alongside the use of insulated food storage solutions, healthcare facilities and hospitals are also required to use a food labelling system to identify foods that may be hazardous to patients with dysphagia. Food labels should be used to determine the consistency of food to reduce the risk of a patient choking or coming to harm. Fildes Food Safety stocks a range of food labels which follow the terminology and guidelines of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) such as easy to chew, extremely thick and pureed so that patients can be served food in line with their individual requirements.

Fildes Food Safety is Australia’s leading stockist of commercial kitchen supplies with several lines of products designed specifically to meet the needs of the healthcare industry. Offering a range of insulated food storage solutions, food labels, personal protection equipment and sanitisation products, Fildes Food Safety provides solutions that can be easily implemented by healthcare staff to facilitate exceptional patient care.


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