The speed and accuracy of infrared thermometers in increasing efficiency in commercial kitchens

Digital thermometers for fast, efficient and accurate food temperature safety results

Among the most important food safety concerns for commercial kitchens and the restaurant industry is the effective control and monitoring of food temperatures across storage, preparation, display and food service. The health dangers of food served at the wrong temperature are difficult to overstate, with food poisoning presenting a significant risk to your reputation and, more importantly, the public health.

Bearing this in mind, reliable kitchen equipment such as food thermometers provide an indispensable tool for any commercial food operation. Sourcing the right food thermometers with the best possible accuracy means peace of mind on both guarding your reputation and on your responsibilities to maintain appropriate standards of safety. In addition, a well-designed food thermometer should also be built around the real world needs of busy commercial kitchen environments with speed, ease of use and durability being key factors in delivering a practical product suitable for constant everyday use. Fildes Food Safety is a well trusted and highly experienced brand name in safety products and has remained at the forefront of new technology which can help our customers improve their safety standards while also maximising efficiency and ease of use.

The new Infrared Thermometer delivers a number of benefits over traditional food thermometers for higher safety standards and the best possible usability for kitchen staff working in a high speed, high pressure environment. Basic meat thermometers, for instance, are designed to be left inside the meat throughout the cooking process. The instant read functionality of the infrared thermometer also delivers an accurate temperature reading in less than a second for any dish whenever it is required. This allows for optimal safety procedures and practices to be carried out much more flexibly across the full range of food preparation, storage and service tasks.

In terms of precision, the infrared thermometer provides for accuracy within one degree between temperatures of 0°C and 100°C, with a huge overall temperature range of -50°C to 380°C. The product is supplied with a calibration certificate and a 12 month warranty to provide assurance on its accuracy and durability. Ease of use is also a central feature of the infrared thermometer design. The LCD backlight display provides a clear numeric digital display as opposed to an analogue dial and a convenient belt-mounted holder means this valuable tool is always on hand. Combined with the speed of the temperature readings, this all allows your team to increase efficiency and productivity while also improving safety standards.

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