Reap the benefits of sustainable commercial kitchen practices in 2021

Reap the benefits of sustainable commercial kitchen practices in 2021

Businesses who are responsible for the serving of food can reap a wealth of benefits by considering sustainability as part of their day-to-day commercial kitchen operations. By reducing food waste, monitoring the performance of appliances and implementing efficient food safety processes, businesses can enjoy more profitable operations whilst doing their part for the planet.


Reducing food waste is one of the most effective ways to operate more sustainably and is intrinsically linked to food safety. Implementing a comprehensive food labelling system can help to reduce food waste whilst ensuring that a business that is responsible for the serving of food only serves the freshest and most safe food in its inventory. The FIFO (first in first out) system achieves this through the use of Use by/ Use first labels which allow chefs and commercial kitchen staff to easily identify which foods and ingredients must be used first when preparing meals. Processes such as the FIFO labelling system minimise food spoilage allowing commercial kitchens to operate more efficiently.


Investing in high-quality commercial kitchen supplies also supports sustainable commercial kitchen operations. When serving or delivering meals to large numbers of people, for example, using high-quality food storage solutions helps to ensure that food is kept at a safe temperature throughout long delivery times and minimises the risk of contamination so that meals do not go to waste.


Fridge thermometers are another example of how high-quality commercial kitchen supplies can support sustainable commercial kitchen operations. Fridge thermometers allow commercial kitchen staff to monitor the internal temperature of the appliance and reflect faults which could result in the consumption of unnecessary energy and food waste through a prolonged cooling malfunction.


Commercial kitchens should also consider the sustainability of their single-use commercial kitchen supplies. By choosing biodegradable, or recyclable single-use commercial kitchen supplies, businesses that are responsible for the serving of food can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. A chef may, for example, use several piping bags throughout a day for the application of ganache, icing or heavy creams. Opting for biodegradable piping bags, however, significantly reduces the waste output of the commercial kitchen. Owners of businesses that are responsible for the serving of food may also wish to reduce their use of plastic takeaway containers and swap them for cardboard containers for a viable eco-friendly alternative.


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