Manage occupational health and safety in your commercial kitchen

There are thousands of businesses that are responsible for the serving of food across Australia and each has their own processes when it comes to food safety. Each state has its own occupational health and safety legislation designed to look out for the safety of employees in the workplace. Staying compliant with occupational health and safety regulations ensures a business that is responsible for the serving of food to operate safely, follow best practice and avoid injuries to any staff on the premises.

Here’s our latest tips on how you can enhance safety in your commercial kitchen:

Prevent slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls can occur in commercial kitchens when hazards fail to be identified and neutralised. Hazards include slippery floors from water, mud or food spillages, uneven tiling, or stock, equipment and tools that have not been stored properly.

Placing slip-resistant mats around the premises minimises the risk of slipping by creating traction and absorbing spillages. The Fildes Food Safety range of premium floor mats is available in a range of anti-fatigue, greaseproof and anti-microbial, slip-resistant materials for long-wearing continuous use in busy commercial kitchens.

Implement a COVID-safe risk plan
Managing infection control and protecting vulnerable members of the public has been the number one priority for all businesses that are responsible for the serving of food throughout 2020. Risk strategy specialists Riskcom have put together a COVID-19 risk assessment checklist that is available to help businesses effectively manage the risks associated with COVID-19. Use this checklist along with government guidelines to protect your team and vulnerable members of the public on your premises.

Utilise PPE effectively

Depending on the industry in which you operate, strict regulations may apply when it comes to personal protective equipment. Those operating in the health care or aged care industries may be required to wear disposable gloves and face masks throughout the working day in line with occupational health and safety regulations.

Disposable gloves protect the skin from potentially harmful chemicals and contaminated surfaces. If worn, disposable gloves should be replaced every 30 minutes and disposed of safely to prevent the spread of bacteria. Face masks and face shields can also be worn to protect commercial kitchen staff from potentially harmful and infectious microscopic droplets that may be present in the air.

Manage personal hygiene

Diligent personal hygiene processes are essential in preventing the spread of foodborne illnesses and promoting the health of kitchen staff. Encourage staff to wash their hands frequency and use the correct techniques for optimal personal hygiene to prevent the spread of bacteria. Introducing kitchen uniforms is an effective way to ensure that staff wear clean clothes when preparing food. Hair nets should also be worn to prevent hair from contaminating dishes.

Deliver first aid quickly

One of the most essential commercial kitchen supplies is a fully stocked first aid kit which can be used to deliver basic care in the event of an emergency. A first aid kit should be suitable for use in commercial kitchens and include the items and utensils required to disinfect and dress wounds and burns such as bandages, burn gels, scissors and disinfecting solutions. First aid kits designed for commercial kitchens should contain blue bandages as they are more noticeable if they accidentally contaminate food. The range of first aid kits available from Fildes Food Safety are ideal for commercial kitchens and workplaces of a variety of different sizes and provide the essential items for emergency first aid.

Fildes Food Safety offers a range of food safety and PPE products designed to help businesses who are responsible for the serving of food remain compliant with occupational health and safety frameworks and protect employees from potential hazards. Visit our website or get in touch with a Fildes Food Safety representative to place an order today.


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