How do uniforms promote professionalism in commercial kitchens?

Uniforms are one of the traditional indicators of professionalism in the food industry both in terms of status, practicality and hygiene. Modern kitchen uniforms are no longer restricted simply to chef’s whites with uniforms now being designed for functionality and hygiene. High-quality modern uniforms are also known to facilitate more efficient commercial kitchen operations as chefs are not hindered by restricted movement or high kitchen temperatures. Alongside a range of food labels and commercial kitchen supplies, Fildes Food Safety has recently introduced a new range of uniforms for use in commercial kitchens.

There are a number of benefits associated with designated uniforms for kitchen staff:

Personal Hygiene

Supplying kitchen staff with the correct uniform is conducive to maintaining a high standard of food safety. It is vital that chefs wear the correct protective clothing whenever they are in the kitchen to reduce the risk of contamination from the outside including dirt, pet hairs and bacteria. The Fildes Food Safety range of uniforms is durable against frequent wash cycles to enhance personal hygiene for kitchen staff.

It is also essential that chefs wear the appropriate hair nets whilst preparing food to prevent contamination. Disposable gloves are also ideal for creating a physical barrier between the skin and the food to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses. If worn, disposable gloves should be safely disposed of and replaced every 30 minutes. Chefs should also remove jewellery and watches before preparing food and dress any wounds with blue plasters to reduce the risk of contamination further.

Unrestricted movement

Appliances such as ovens and stoves drive up the temperatures of commercial kitchens creating potentially uncomfortable working conditions. In hot commercial kitchen environments, well-made uniforms should be utilised as a breathable alternative to normal clothing to prevent issues with fatigue and concentration associated with overheating.

Commercial kitchens are also notoriously busy workplaces where timing and efficiency are key to good customer service and profitable operations. Unrestricted movement is vital for moving between stations quickly to prepare and serve meals. Staff should be supplied with well-fitting uniforms for unrestricted movement around the kitchen and greater comfort over the course of long shifts. 


Aside from functionality, chef uniforms also have the added benefits of keeping up appearances. Restaurants or food businesses with open kitchens where chefs can be seen at work often prefer to have well-dressed chefs in traditional whites as a visual indicator to patrons of the quality of food sold by the establishment. Staff in uniform may also be identified more quickly for optimised customer service and reduced waiting times.

Fildes Food Safety supplies a comprehensive range of food safety products including a wide range of food labels, commercial kitchen supplies and personal protective equipment to the healthcare, hospitality and education industries, amongst others.

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