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As Australia’s leading supplier of high-quality food safety products, resources and commercial kitchen supplies, Fildes Food Safety aims to assist those responsible for the preparation and serving of food to continually improve their food safety processes.

 From the 13th to the 20th of November, Australia is celebrating Australian Food Safety Week. The week marks the time to reflect on the food industry and learn about the latest processes for achieving optimal food-safe standards in all commercial kitchens and restaurants. This year’s theme is ‘Food safety - be prepared’. Organised by the Food Safety Information Council, this event aims to build resilience in the community by setting up basic food safety toolkits and encouraging public engagement with food safety courses.

With over 25 years of experience in providing the hospitality industry with innovative products, Fildes Food Safety has earned a reputation as an expert in food safety protocols. Such expertise has identified two critical actions for achieving best standards: Effective training and the use of high-quality kitchen and food safety products.

Fildes Food Safety recommends the following food safety programs for staff and supervisors in the hospitality industry. These courses are offered through industry-leading training provider, Infocus Food Safety, with training available online and in-person in Melbourne, designed to meet the national Australian Food Standards.

Food Handler Training

This introductory course to food safety is ideal for individuals working within the hospitality and health industries. This course aims to teach the required hygienic practices for achieving food safety, covering topics including personal hygiene, food contamination and sanitising procedures.

Food Safety Supervisor Training

This progression teaches participants to ensure team members are following food safety processes for kitchen and floor managers, fulfilling the legislative requirement in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. This course supports a wide range of food businesses, including restaurants, health care providers, catering operations, and canteens. Areas of learning include the responsibilities of supervisors, how to report and take records, and how to handle customer complaints.

Food Hygiene Introduction & Allergen Awareness

This course, while non-accredited, is suitable as an introduction to food safety and hygiene or as a refresher course for experienced staff. Topics discussed in this short training include basic food standards and allergen awareness. All participants of this course will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Fildes Food Safety encourages restaurant and kitchen managers to assess their operations and arrange for their staff to take part in training courses to improve standards this Australian Food Safety Week.


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