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A guide to thermometers

Monitoring and controlling the temperature of food is fundamental to food safety. Utilising a variety of thermometers ensures that foods are maintained and cooked to suit...

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Food safety storage tips during a power outage

Power failures can be dangerous and costly for commercial kitchens and other food handling businesses. During periods of power outages, the effectiveness of refrigerators...

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How to cool foods correctly with the two stage cooling method

It’s important to follow food safety processes to correctly cool foods in the kitchen to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria that may cause food poisoning.The general ru...

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Understanding best practice for transporting food correctly

Beyond the commercial kitchen environment itself and in-house service, many of the concerns around food safety such as temperature control and cross-contamination extend ...

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Spotlight on Salmonella

Salmonella is a rod-shaped bacterium that can be present in eggs, poultry and pasteurized milk. Salmonella can be destroyed by cooking food thoroughly, but with over 39,0...

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Ensure the efficacy of your food thermometer to maximise food safety

Among the most essential commercial kitchen supplies, thermometers are used to ensure that food is stored outside of the food temperature danger zone and served at safe t...

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Are you reheating food safely?

Reheating food is a good way to reduce food waste and save time. There are, however, a number of risks associated with reheating food due to the bacteria that can multipl...

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