Wondering about the Benefits of a Fridge Freezer Thermometer?

Fildes Food Safety is an Australian owned and operated company with roots extending back over 70 years. Their range of products and accessories has been specifically designed to cater for all aspects of the professional food production and catering markets. Additionally, they are regularly called upon to supply Chefs and Restaurant Managers with meaningful advice on how to best implement their products so staff may be brought on board seamlessly. From colour coded chopping boards to food labels, Fildes helps to maintain food safety standards across Australia.

Why Use a Fridge Freezer Thermometer? Australia’s Climate.

A particularly useful piece of equipment supplied by Fildes is the fridge freezer thermometer. Australia’s warm climate means refrigerating and freezing food is essential. Under Australian conditions, spoilage can occur quickly so must be continuously guarded against. Consequently, knowing the desirable temperature range is being reached in fridges and freezers is equally essential.

A high-quality fridge freezer thermometer is a simple, economical investment all professional kitchens should make to help –

·      Enhance food safety,

·      Protect the public from food borne illnesses,

·      Reduce wastage,

·      Improve staff knowledge and practices.


There are a variety of fridge freezer thermometers available and they are designed to be low maintenance, easy to install and very accurate. Some models are designed to alert users if the internal temperature goes outside the desired range. This feature assists with minimising energy usage and reducing spoilage. Both of these aspects can have a noticeable impact on the bottom line of professional kitchens.

When installing any new piece of kitchen equipment, ensure your staff are trained in how to use and maintain it. With thermometers, they’ll need to know how to set it, calibrate it and react to the alerts various models are capable of issuing. Additionally, some professional kitchens maintain a temperature chart to record readings so staff will need to be made aware of how and when to acquire and store data. Over time, these charts help to identify temperature patterns and can be used to determine when fridge and freezers need servicing.

See the full range of thermometers by visiting the Fildes Food Safety website. 


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