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How Long can You Store Food in the Fridge

The 5 do's to prevent food poisoning

Preventing Cross-Contamination in Professional Kitchens

Cross-contamination is a real threat to public health, and food preparation businesses have a duty of care to ensure they are not responsible for putting t...

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Simple tips to handle poultry

Salmonella – A Very Dangerous Bacteria

In Australia, salmonella is more prevalent in the warmer months. By allowing food to be kept in the temperature danger zone (50C – 650C) for too long, the ...

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Tips for handling fruit and vegetables

Seafood… It’s Best to Play it Safe

Oceans, rivers, lakes and bays are a wonderful source of fish, crustaceans and other seafood delights. Yet most people are unaware these delights contain n...

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Food Safety – Hold the Phone!

We’re all addicted to our mobile devices. They bring us news of the outside world, important communications and they provide a pleasant distraction in our ...

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How to Safely Handle and Cook Eggs

Eggs are an easy and nutritious part of most people’s diets and may be prepared in many different ways. Used in all types of cooking from simple breakfasts...

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