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How Food Thermometers support food safety standards in your kitchen

Chefs and Restaurant Managers need to ensure their staff are trained in all aspects of food safety in their commercial kitchens. One area often overlooked ...

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5 Foods you Shouldn't Refreeze

Wondering about the Benefits of a Fridge Freezer Thermometer?

Fildes Food Safety is an Australian owned and operated company with roots extending back over 70 years. Their range of products and accessories has been specifically desi...

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How Accurate Freezer Thermometers Reduce Kitchen Wastage

There are many factors Chefs and Restaurant Managers need to take into account when ensuring the safety and quality of the food they produce. An often over...

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Work and school lunch safety checklist

Food thermometers designed to protect against food safety problems in every part of the kitchen

Anyone involved in the restaurant and hospitality industry or in food and beverage manufacturing will understand that effectively monitoring and maintainin...

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