Build a culture of awareness with Food Safety Posters in your kitchen

Build a culture of awareness with Food Safety Posters in your kitchen

Educating staff in commercial kitchens is a core responsibility of Chefs and Restaurant Managers that enhances kitchen processes and food safety outcomes. It’s no secret that trained staff are happier in their work, more productive, and produce better quality food when they’re switched on to a food safety culture. Food safety posters are a simple aid to help maintain awareness in staff. They cover a variety of critical kitchen topics and silently reinforce food safety messages all day, every day.

Cold Calibration Check Thermometer

For accurate readings, kitchen staff need to know how to calibrate food thermometers. To make things easier, we’ve designed a poster to cover this topic. For example, the Infrared Thermometer with Probe can be calibrated using the technique described in this poster. The probe of the food thermometer is placed in an icy water slurry, left until a reading stabilises before being read and recorded. These simple instructions can be used to train staff on a regular basis and ensure all food thermometers are accurately calibrated.

Colour Coded Cutting Board Poster

Fildes produce a range of colour coded cutting boards to help prevent cross-contamination in commercial kitchens. It is vital that food is prepared on a cutting board of the correct corresponding colour. This can be reinforced in your kitchen in a non-invasive way with this food safety poster. It reminds staff that green is for fruit and vegetables, yellow is for raw poultry, red is for raw meats, white is for dairy, blue is for raw seafood and brown is for ready-to-eat foods. When constantly working in an environment where this message is clear for all to see, food safety practices which prevent cross-contamination are always top of mind.

Common Food Allergens Poster

Incidents of allergic reactions to food are on the rise so Chefs and Restaurant Managers need to be extra vigilant when it comes to prevention. These reactions may be life threatening so nothing can be left to chance in professional kitchens. This simple food safety poster encourages awareness among kitchen staff on this topic. It illuminates the major foods that produce allergic reactions in simple graphic representations that are easily recognisable. Accordingly, staff will easily absorb the information, reducing the risk of allergic reactions in patrons.


Food safety posters provide a simple and effective method of improving commercial kitchen processes and aid in their compliance with food safety standards. Food borne illnesses and allergic reactions can ruin the reputation of commercial kitchens and restaurants quickly. Food safety posters are an economical way to educate staff and reap the benefits of safety conscious kitchen processes.


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