Implement these essentials for greater efficiency in your commercial kitchen

High-quality commercial kitchen supplies are key to ensuring efficiency for businesses that prepare food. Selecting the right equipment and resources for a commercial kitchen can enhance safety in kitchen operations. As Australia’s leading supplier of food safety solutions and commercial kitchen supplies, Fildes Food Safety offer a range of products and services to enhance food safety and personal protection in commercial kitchens.

We’ve put together a guide to the essential food safety products and resources every commercial kitchen needs to run safely and efficiently.

Food labels
Food labels are essential in maintaining food safety standards. Implementing a food labelling system reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses and ensures that only fresh food is served. The effective use of food label stickers also increases the sustainability of commercial kitchen operations as systems such as FIFO first in, first out) maintain the regular rotation of stock reducing food waste. The food labelling solutions available from Fildes Food Safety are designed to maintain food safety standards in commercial kitchens across a wide range of industries. The range of food labelsincludes use by/use first labels for stock rotation and food advisory labels to ensure foods containing allergens are easily identifiable.

IDDSI food labels designed according to the terminology of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative are also available for Healthcare and Aged Care facilities serving patients at risk of dysphagia.

Cross-contamination prevention
Cross-contamination can be detrimental to the safety of food prepared in a commercial kitchen. The use of equipment and tools designed to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination is vital in preventing anaphylaxis in vulnerable members of the public through the spread of allergens throughout the preparation process. Colour-coded chopping boards should be used when preparing specific foods to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, designated allergen kits are also available for use when preparing food for an individual who is at higher risk of anaphylaxis. Disposable gloves and disposable piping bags should also be utilised and replaced regularly when preparing food to reduce the spread of bacteria.

Food storage solutions
High-quality food storage solutions are one of the most essential commercial kitchen supplies. Used to keep food fresh and reduce the spread of bacteria in storage, food storage solutions preserve the safety of meals and ingredients, keep foods at safe temperatures and enable commercial kitchens to operate more sustainably with less food waste. Products such as shelf-top ingredient bins make it easy for kitchen staff to identify ingredients quickly and continually monitor levels of stock. Pan covers should also be used to prevent cross-contamination when several meals are simultaneously being prepared in a busy commercial kitchen. 

Temperature monitoring and control equipment
The use of temperature monitoring and control equipment is not only vital in serving food at a safe temperature but can also save commercial kitchens money in the long-run. Freezer and fridge thermometers facilitate the continual monitoring of the internal temperatures of essential kitchen appliances. This alerts staff to a failure and reduces the risk of food being stored inside of the food temperature danger zone for extended periods of time and wasted as it is unsafe to eat. Probe thermometers and infrared thermometers provide an accurate internal temperature reading of meals in seconds to help kitchen staff determine whether food can be served safely. Food thermometers should be placed accessibly around commercial kitchens for efficiency and ease of regular use. In line with precautionary measures to prevent the spread of infection, an infrared body thermometer is also available from Fildes Food Safety to take the temperatures of staff and patients before they are permitted to enter the premises.

Cleaning and sanitisation products
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning and sanitation products should be used as a key precaution in reducing the risk of contamination or the spread of infection in commercial kitchens. As kitchen managers increase the frequency of deep cleans, it is vital to ensure that the correct sanitisation products are used to destroy any bacteria or viruses that may be lingering on surfaces. Fildes Food Safety supplies a range of cleaning and sanitation products that are proven to be effective against potentially harmful microorganisms. Surface and hand sanitisers and alcohol wipes should be used to meet a high standard of cleanliness. A range of hand sanitisers and dispensers are available to be strategically placed throughout the kitchen to remind staff of the importance of personal hygiene at this critical time.

Workplace safety and education resources
Educational resources such as food safety posters should be placed throughout a commercial kitchen to encourage staff to follow certain food safety processes. Workplace safety and education resources can be utilised to ensure that protocols are adhered to in the event of an
emergency and that the correct emergency responses and first aid are administered. Fildes Food Safety supplies a range of food safety posters and workplace safety resources such as first aid kits and blue bandages to ensure that commercial kitchen staff are always well-equipped in the case of an emergency. 

Fildes Food Safety offers a range of products and services to enable kitchen managers and staff to implement long-term sustainable and efficient food safety processes. Place an order online or get in touch via our website today.


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